Roganeau Francois-Maurice

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Francois-Maurice Roganeau (1883-1973)

François-Maurice Roganeau was a pupil of the sculptor Gaston Veuvenot Leroux and of Paul Quinsac at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, then he went to study in the studio of Jean-Léon Gérôme and Gabriel Ferrier at the Fine Arts in Paris. He started out in illustration and painting. As an illustrator, he mainly works for the publisher Henri Laurens.

In 1906, he won the first Grand Prix de Rome in painting, and the second Grand Prix in sculpture. He exhibited at the 1912 Salon and received a medal for his painting Le Soir, à la Rivière, inspired by one of André Chénier's Poésies antiques.

In 1917, he was in charge of the identical repair of the ceiling of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, initially painted by Jean-Baptiste-Claude Robin. He also provided stained glass boxes to the master glassmaker Gustave Pierre Dagrant, such as that for the stained glass window in the church of Castillon-la-Bataille.

He was director of the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux from 1929 to 19582.

His late works depict the Basque Country, its people and its landscapes.