Arbidane Anita

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Anita Arbidane (1983)

In 2008 graduated Latvian Academy of Arts Department of figurative painting. He regularly participates in exhibitions since 2004 year.

In Anita's works attention is drawn to restraint, aristocratic, skilfully executed paintings with exquisite details and looks, such as a picture with a woman and lobster, where she gently holds the lobster like a child. The artist's work combines classical painting and historical style with modern details that so smoothly and so obvious intertwine in the works, thus imperceptibly destroying a time barrier.

Anita Arbidan about her paintings says that "ideas and themes are usually born out of personal experience and pranks" nearest Society of Artists. "All art motifs, borrowing mainly from life, for example in research paper " Our daily bread ", the picture depicts the desperate search for a young man in search of a better life or a thick layer of butter on a sandwich, and - cases of force majeure, which is always intervenes and prevents it to achieve in this case a thread that from the hands of the heroes of paintings allegedly stealing gastronomic perversion. In many works are found gastronomic motivs, such as lobster, which is a symbol of the good life. Works have very personal motives, but the most important thing is to have an idea, image that may evoke interest in the viewer."