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Raczynski Aleksander

available 1 item
Italian - Raczynski Aleksander
Ramuss Miсhail

available 3 items
Untitled - Ramuss MiсhailUntitled - Ramuss MiсhailTechnique - Ramuss Miсhail
Rezo Adamia Emelian

available 4 items
Grand Palace. Paris - Rezo Adamia Emelian Sunset in Paris - Rezo Adamia Emelian Paris - Rezo Adamia Emelian Montmartre - Rezo Adamia Emelian
Rikmane Mara

available 4 items
Ship Noah`s Ark - Rikmane MaraDante\'s Divine Comedy III d. Paradise - Rikmane MaraZemgale - Rikmane Mara
Rikmanis Janis

available 14 items
Country wives. Picking berries - Rikmanis Janis  Girl - Rikmanis Janis  Woman with a scarf - Rikmanis Janis  Outing - Rikmanis Janis  +
Ritums Janis

available 1 item
St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow - Ritums Janis
Rochenko V.

available 1 item
Still life with flowers - Rochenko V.
Rodins Aleksandrs

available 19 items
Bouquet of tulips - Rodins Aleksandrs7 tulips - Rodins AleksandrsThree figures - Rodins AleksandrsFirst furrow - Rodins Aleksandrs+
Roganeau Francois-Maurice

available 1 item
Le port de la Chaume - Roganeau Francois-Maurice
Romane Erika

available 1 item
Nude - Romane Erika
Rosen Paul Gerhard

available 1 item
Black grouse hunt - Rosen Paul Gerhard
Rozenbergs Andrejs

available 2 items
Old Riga at night - Rozenbergs Andrejs Courlands navigators - Rozenbergs Andrejs
Rozens Eduards

available 2 items
Boat on the shore of the lake - Rozens EduardsSunset - Rozens Eduards
Rozentals Janis

available 2 items
Criwe with disciples - Rozentals Janis Studio for painting "Christ and Samaritan near the well"  - Rozentals Janis  - Rozentals Janis By the spring - Rozentals Janis
Rozlapa Dailis

available 1 item
Sea - Rozlapa DailisOld City. Convent yard - Rozlapa Dailis
Rubene Kristine

available 1 item
Ladies with fruit - Rubene Kristine
Rungis Peteris

available 3 items
Waterfall - Rungis PeterisWork in the village - Rungis PeterisK. Miesnieks's house - Rungis PeterisRoofs in the winter - Rungis Peteris