Baymatov Gairat

available 2 items
Three models - Baymatov Gairat Madonna - Baymatov Gairat
Bedloe Goddard John

available 1 item
At the bridge - Bedloe Goddard John
Beitners Rolands

available 2 items
Dance - Beitners RolandsSpring - Beitners Rolands
Belcova Aleksandra

available 18 items
Circus - Belcova AleksandraClowning - Belcova AleksandraPainter's family (Ed. Kalnins) - Belcova AleksandraLandscape - Belcova Aleksandra+
Berea Dimitrie

available 1 item
Paris, the docks and the Eiffel Tower - Berea Dimitrie
Bernadsky Gennady

available 2 items
After the rain. Paris - Bernadsky Gennady Paris before Christmas - Bernadsky Gennady
Berzins Boriss

available 7 items
Still life under the full moon - Berzins BorissAutumn sun - Berzins BorissSkirt - Berzins BorissGirl with a pear - Berzins Boriss+
Berzins Oskars

available 10 items
Asteres - Berzins Oskars Roses - Berzins Oskars Sea - Berzins Oskars Asters - Berzins Oskars +
Besson Jules-Gustave

available 1 item
Bessonova Natalia

available 1 item
Picnic - Bessonova Natalia
Bine Jekabs

available 6 items
Martins - Bine Jekabs Spinner - Bine Jekabs Afternoon - Bine Jekabs Harlequin - Bine Jekabs +
Birnbaums Stanislavs Janis

available 2 items
Landscape with fortress - Birnbaums Stanislavs JanisHomestead - Birnbaums Stanislavs Janis
Blanchard Antoine

available 2 items
Parisian Street Scene  - Blanchard Antoine Boulevard de la Madeleine - Blanchard Antoine
Blazevica Rita

available 1 item
Summer flowers - Blazevica Rita
Bondare Vera

available 31 item
Braslinsh Normunds

available 2 items
Venus - Braslinsh NormundsThree Graces - Braslinsh NormundsThe blue room - Braslinsh Normunds
Bredow Albert

available 1 item
Fortress - Bredow Albert
Breiksa Ieva Sara

available 1 item
 With a fan - Breiksa Ieva Sara
Breikss Nikolajs

available 11 items
Ventspils. Big Ship - Breikss Nikolajs Ventspils. At the new fishing port - Breikss Nikolajs Ventspils. The Tap - Breikss Nikolajs Ventspils. Spring Flood - Breikss Nikolajs +
Brekte Ilona

available 10 items
Asters - Brekte Ilona Purple poppies - Brekte Ilona Still life with flowers - Brekte Ilona Calendula - Brekte Ilona +
Brekte Janis

available 37 items
Forest edge - Brekte Janis Winter day - Brekte Janis Light motif in Old Riga - Brekte Janis Gauja.  - Brekte Janis +
Brekte Kristians

available 2 items
Love hate - Brekte Kristians Not good - Brekte Kristians 4eye - Brekte Kristians Girl with apple - Brekte Kristians
Brencens Eduards

available 2 items
Landscape - Brencens EduardsRural landscape - Brencens EduardsStill life with meadow flowers - Brencens EduardsRainy way - Brencens Eduards
Brencens Karlis

available 15 items
Portrait - Brencens Karlis Dame - Brencens Karlis Woman portrait with high hairstyle - Brencens Karlis Portrait - Brencens Karlis +
Bromults Alfejs

available 41 item
Autumn - Bromults Alfejs Summer evening at the river - Bromults Alfejs Wife portrait - Bromults Alfejs Lilacs. - Bromults Alfejs +
Broze Valdis

available 1 item
The First - Broze Valdis
Bula Meldra

available 1 item
Rainy evening - Bula Meldra
Bush Valdis

available 30 items
City etude - Bush ValdisCountry houses - Bush ValdisStill life with blue drapery and fruits - Bush ValdisFlowers - Bush Valdis+
Butnor Ansis

available 6 items
March - Butnor Ansis Reflection - Butnor Ansis Masks in Venice - Butnor Ansis Room - Butnor Ansis
Caune Voldemars

available 1 item
Folk story - Caune Voldemars Burning tower of St. Peter church in the 1941st On the 29th June - Caune Voldemars
Celmina Inta

available 3 items
Bouquet of flowers in a vase - Celmina IntaDry flowers - Celmina IntaFlowers - Celmina Inta
Celmins Bruno

available 5 items
By the footbridge - Celmins Bruno Landscape - Celmins Bruno Monument - Celmins Bruno Home - Celmins Bruno +
Cēsnieks Egons

available 1 item
Zvarte rock - Cēsnieks Egons
Cherevichnik Dagnia

available 30 items
After sunset - Cherevichnik DagniaThe pig - Cherevichnik DagniaA lullaby for Zuze - Cherevichnik DagniaSphinx - Cherevichnik Dagnia+
Cielavs Janis

available 4 items
Still life with roses - Cielavs Janis Act - Cielavs Janis Panorama of Riga city - Cielavs Janis Landscape. Lunch time - Cielavs Janis +
Cirulis Aleksandrs

available 1 item
The old granary - Cirulis Aleksandrs
Constantin Kluge

available 5 items
Flower market in front of the Madeleine in Paris. - Constantin KlugeSaint Germain-des-Prés under the snow - Constantin KlugeView of the Pont Marie in Paris  - Constantin KlugePlace Beauvau. Paris - Constantin Kluge+
Correggio Joseph

available 1 item
Still life with fruits - Correggio Joseph
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