Bogdanov Belsky Nikolai Petrovich

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Nikolaj Bogdanov – Belsky

(1868 – 1945)

Nikolaj Bogdanov – Belsky was born in village Sopotovo of Smolensk province.

He learned in drawing school of S. A. Racinsky in the city Tatevo of Tvera province, he also learned in icon painting studio of the Trinity and St Sergiy monastery. In 1884 – 89 N. Bogdanov – Belsky learned in Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture with V. D. Polenov, V. J. Makovsky, I. M. Prjanisnikov. In 1889, he was awarded the Big silver medal and the title of classical artist. In 1894 – 95 he studied in the Higher Art School of Petersburg Art Academy with I. Repin. He also studied in the studios of F. Kormon and Kolarossi in Paris.

Since 1896 N. Bogdanov – Belsky was a member of Perdeviznik’s art society, in 1909 – 21 – the Chairman of A. Kuindzi society.

In 1903 Petersburg Art Academy gave the artist the title of academician, but in 1914 he was chosen as an actual member of the Art Academy.

Since 1921 N. Bogdanov – Belsky lived in Latvia