Dommersen William Raymond

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William Raymond Dommersen (1850-1927)

also Dommersheusen and Dommersheuzen, (London, Stratford West Ham, 1859 – London, 1927) was an English painter of Land- and Seascapes, Villages and Towns. He signed his work as W or WR Dommersen.

Dommersen painted between 1875 and 1927 genre pieces, landscapes, marine scenes, village- and town-scenes of quality. His best known works are the European villages and towns along rivers and canals. He painted mostly in the Netherlands and England but visited also Belgium, France and Italy. His work such as view on the Canal Grande in Venice, river views in the Thames and Windsor Castle are well known. At some stage he lived in Royal Tunbridge Wells Kent, which was strategically placed for his travels to Europe. Whilst living in Royal Tunbridge Wells he painted The Pantiles there.