Breze Andris

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Andris Breze (1958) - Latvian artist and poet.

A. Brezhe grew up in Riga, graduated from the Woodworking Department of the Riga School of Applied Arts (1977) and the Faculty of Industrial Art at Art Academy of Latvia (now Design Department) (1984). He took part in exhibitions since 1977. Member of the Artists Union of Latvia (1985). He received a special award from the Baltic Poster Triennale (1981, 1984) and the main prize (1987), as well as the main prize in the international poster exhibition Ars Baltica (1991).

In the second half of 80s, one of the first in Latvian art began to work with non-traditional forms of expression: installation art, environmental objects, artworks exhibition outside the traditional exhibition area, and search for a new style and techniques. He made non-standard large-format graphic works in the technique of silkscreen printing (Atlant II, 1986, The Lighter, 1988), created installations and objects for the environment “Land Owners” (1988), “Bread Box” (1992), “People\'s Brotherhood” (2001), “Dove of Peace” (2014). Also works in miniature graphic (xerographic cycle “Tattoos”, 1987), poster (“Suit for a bird”, 1983), as well as in the book graphics (K. Elsberga “The trouble for luck”, 1986, “The story of Till and the dog” A. Neiburga.

For the exhibition “Peace of Life”, nominated for the Purvitis prize 2013.

In 2015 in the Alma Gallery solo exhibition of Andris Brezhe and Krishs Salmanis.