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Gailans Indulis

available 1 item
Gauja at Carnikava - Gailans Indulis
Gailis Janis

available 6 items
Sunny day - Gailis JanisThe dune - Gailis JanisThe last rays - Gailis JanisBroken boat - Gailis Janis+
Galzons Jānis

available 2 items
Seashore - Galzons Jānis Midsummer. Sauna - Galzons Jānis
Garin Aleksey

available 5 items
Boquet on the window - Garin AlekseyBukhara - Garin AlekseyPhloxes - Garin AlekseySummer rain - Garin Aleksey+
Garkevicha Solvita

available 1 item
Goddess - Garkevicha Solvita
Garkevichs Egils

available 1 item
Flowers - Garkevichs Egils
Garrido Eduardo Leon

available 1 item
Girl in restaurant in Paris - Garrido Eduardo Leon
Germanis Andrejs

available 2 items
In the north - Germanis Andrejs The sea in winter - Germanis Andrejs
Germanis Juris

available 9 items
By the river - Germanis JurisIn the field - Germanis JurisGirls portrait - Germanis JurisLandscape in the Zvartava - Germanis Juris+
Gibiete Elina

available 3 items
Composition - Gibiete ElinaIn pink - Gibiete ElinaFiery - Gibiete Elina
Glaudans Pavils (Pavels)

available 2 items
Сliff - Glaudans Pavils (Pavels)Writer - Glaudans Pavils (Pavels)
Glazunov Ilya

available 1 item
Russian North - Glazunov Ilya
Glushenkov Vladimir

available 28 items
The sun - Glushenkov Vladimir Mom - Glushenkov Vladimir Figures - Glushenkov Vladimir Conversation - Glushenkov Vladimir +
Goltjakov Albert

available 15 items
Miniature - Portrait - Goltjakov AlbertAct - Goltjakov AlbertRitual - Goltjakov AlbertMagomajev M. - Goltjakov Albert+
Gorgots Andrey

available 1 item
Still life with fish and tomatoes - Gorgots AndreyIrises  - Gorgots Andrey
Grasis Tenis

available 1 item
Stained glass project for Daugavpils Local History Museum - Grasis TenisStained Glass sketch. Girls - Grasis Tenis
Grasmanis Laimdonis

available 5 items
Old Riga - Grasmanis LaimdonisBathhouse - Grasmanis LaimdonisNude  - Grasmanis LaimdonisThe river Gauja - Grasmanis Laimdonis+
Grigorian Bagrat

available 1 item
Composition - Grigorian Bagrat
Grimm Sophie Ljubow

available 1 item
Landscape - Grimm Sophie Ljubow
Grinfelde Milda

available 2 items
Autumn landscape - Grinfelde MildaWinter evening - Grinfelde Milda
Grinvalde Elga

available 4 items
Africa - Grinvalde Elga Greeting - Grinvalde Elga Window - Grinvalde Elga Sky directions - Grinvalde Elga
Grishcenko Anatolij

available 5 items
With a dragonfly - Grishcenko Anatolij Torso in blue - Grishcenko Anatolij Torso - Grishcenko Anatolij Chandelier with stained glass - Grishcenko Anatolij +
Gross Roland

available 1 item
Holy Place - Gross Roland
Grosvalds Jazeps

available 1 item
Grotus Hugo Karlis

available 4 items
Hay stacks - Grotus Hugo Karlis The lake - Grotus Hugo Karlis Country view - Grotus Hugo Karlis Oak tree by the River - Grotus Hugo Karlis
Grube Edvards

available 5 items
Mushrooms - Grube Edvards Bed and violin - Grube Edvards Sunflowers  - Grube Edvards Opus 7 - Grube Edvards +
Gulbe Erika

available 1 item
Landscape withe road - Gulbe Erika
Gulbe Olita

available 1 item
White cloud - Gulbe Olita
Gutmanis Andis

available 3 items
Lapmežciems boats - Gutmanis AndisSarnate beach - Gutmanis AndisLapmežciems boats - Gutmanis Andis