Brekte Janis

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Janis Brekte (1920.15.VIII – 1985.27.XII)

Janis Brekte his first artistic education got in drawing courses of K. Brencens (1936 – 39).
He studied in Latvia Art academy (1940 – 48) and his pedagogues were L. Svemps, K. Miesnieks and N. Breikss.

Artist took part in exhibitions since 1943.
Most important personal exhibitions were organized in Riga (1977, 1980), Jelgava (1981).
Memorial exhibitions – in Cesis (1986) and Riga (1991, 1992).

J. Brekte was a member of Artists Union (since 1950).
In 1981 he got a title of rich of merits employee of art in Latvia Republic of Soviet Union.

Artist was one of the most popular and prolific aquarelle master of his time.