Delvers Rihards

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Rihards Delvers (1968)


Rihards Delvers graduated from J. Rozentals School of Art in Riga (1986) and Painting Department (I. Zariņš studio) of Latvian Art Academy (1995, he worked out diploma work under the guidance of A. Naumovs).

He is a member of Young Artists Association (since 1995) and Latvian Artists’ Union (since 1998).

The artist takes part in exhibitions since 1989. His works have been exhibited in approximately 60 shows in Riga, Cesis, Salaspils, Valmiera (Latvia), Oslo (Norway), Brussels (Belgium), St Petersburg (Russia), Skåne (Sweden).


Gallery “Stalla” (1992);

Gallery “TEN”, Liepaja (1993);

Museum of Foreign Art, Riga (1993);

Gallery “Asūna”, Riga (1998);

Gallery “Telpa”, Daugavpils (1998);

Pedagogic University of Daugavpils (1998);

Art Salon of Salaspils (1998);

Riga University of Pedagogy and Education Management (1999);

Gallery “Asūna” (1999);

Gallery “Tifāna” (2000);

Gallery “Asūna” (2002);

Gallery “Antonia” (2004).

Rihards Delvers’s paintings can be found in collections in Canada, USA, the Czech Republic, England, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Belgium etc.