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Ubans Konrads

available 10 items
At the Park - Ubans Konrads Female figure - Ubans Konrads The boy and the devil - Ubans Konrads Riflemen - Ubans Konrads +
Udrys Dalvis

available 1 item
xxx - Udrys Dalvis
Ulande Baiba

available 1 item
The Spring - Ulande Baiba
Unknown author

available 3 items
La Goulue, together with two women Moulin Rouge - Unknown authorinitials В.К. - Still life with lilac - Unknown authorWith harp - Unknown author
Upelnieks Arthur

available 1 item
Landscape with the river - Upelnieks Arthur
Utans Juris

available 33 items
Untitled - Utans Juris Yellow butterfly - Utans Juris Monarch butterfly - Utans Juris Blue butterfly - Utans Juris +
Uvarov Nikolai

available 21 item
A holy place - Uvarov Nikolai Salacgriva - Uvarov Nikolai Sad clown - Uvarov Nikolai A clown - Uvarov Nikolai +
Uzticis Valters

available 3 items
Daugava - Uzticis Valters Boats - Uzticis Valters Sea - Uzticis Valters