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M. Dore

available 1 item
Chrysanthemums - M. Dore
Madernieks Julijs

available 1 item
Art Deco furniture set - Madernieks JulijsCabinet - Madernieks Julijs - Madernieks Julijs
Maikov Igor

available 7 items
Rudbeckia - Maikov Igor Chrysanthemum and snail - Maikov Igor Stories about yellow - Maikov Igor White winter - Maikov Igor +
Makarenko Nektarij

available 2 items
Three brothers - Makarenko NektarijYellow building - Makarenko Nektarij
Maldupe Vija

available 1 item
Guardian angel - Maldupe Vija
Malyshev George

available 1 item
Puppy - Malyshev George
Mangolds Herberts

available 48 items
Landscape - Mangolds HerbertsValley - Mangolds HerbertsEvening - Mangolds HerbertsThe coast - Mangolds Herberts+
Markevicha Anita

available 1 item
Winter meeting - Markevicha Anita
Matveevs Georg

available 2 items
Landscape with birches - Matveevs Georg On the breakwater - Matveevs Georg
Maurins Leonids

available 1 item
Self-portrait of a painter in an old garden - Maurins LeonidsThe small town houses - Maurins Leonids
Mazel Ruvim

available 2 items
Dannenstern House - Mazel RuvimOld Riga - Mazel Ruvim
Mazitis Arnolds

available 1 item
Still life - Mazitis Arnolds
Mednis Janis

available 5 items
By the lake - Mednis Janis House with a red roof - Mednis Janis Bridge (two-sided) - Mednis Janis Tenchs - Mednis Janis +
Mednitis Bernards

available 7 items
Still life with a blue coffee pot - Mednitis Bernards Pardaugava - Mednitis Bernards Hills - Mednitis Bernards Lilac - Mednitis Bernards +
Medvedeva Neonilla

available 1 item
Medvedsky Leonid

available 3 items
Landscape - Medvedsky LeonidCity - Medvedsky LeonidCity - Medvedsky Leonid
Megnis Antons

available 5 items
Landscape at the Tukums city - Megnis AntonsLandscape of Kurzeme - Megnis AntonsScream - Megnis AntonsAt the sunny side - Megnis Antons+
Meilerts-Krastins Ludmilla

available 3 items
Bridge in the Sydney - Meilerts-Krastins LudmillaSeated - Meilerts-Krastins LudmillaStill life with apple - Meilerts-Krastins LudmillaHarbour Melbourne - Meilerts-Krastins Ludmilla
Melbarzde Elizabete

available 1 item
A clown - Melbarzde Elizabete Rose bed - Melbarzde Elizabete
Melbarzdis Karlis

available 5 items
Thaw in the forest - Melbarzdis KarlisAutumn - Melbarzdis KarlisWinter - Melbarzdis KarlisYard in Riga - Melbarzdis Karlis+
Meldere Anita

available 1 item
Old city Kuldiga - Meldere Anita
Melderis Imants

available 5 items
Old Riga - Melderis Imants In the workshop - Melderis Imants Houses for fishing nets - Melderis Imants Horse - Melderis Imants +
Melnars Adolfs

available 7 items
Summer landscape - Melnars AdolfsDolls (bilateral) - Melnars AdolfsAutumn evening - Melnars AdolfsHay joint work - Melnars Adolfs+
Metuzals Eduards

available 11 items
Riga seashore - Metuzals Eduards Canal near Liepaja University - Metuzals Eduards Switzerland - Metuzals Eduards Koknese castle ruins - Metuzals Eduards +
Miesnieks Karlis

available 23 items
Landscape - Miesnieks KarlisSitting - Miesnieks KarlisWoman - Miesnieks KarlisLandscape - Miesnieks Karlis+
Mihailovskis Alfon

available 1 item
Still life with fruits - Mihailovskis Alfon
Mikhailenko Nina

available 1 item
Paris. View from the bridge - Mikhailenko Nina
Milgravis Voldemars

available 2 items
Winter - Milgravis Voldemars Morning in the countryside - Milgravis Voldemars
Milts Fridrihs

available 6 items
Fishing village - Milts Fridrihs Afternoon - Milts Fridrihs On the river  - Milts Fridrihs At telephone     - Milts Fridrihs +
Misyurev Alexander

available 2 items
With a muse - Misyurev Alexander North - Misyurev Alexander
Moukhine Aleksandr

available 3 items
Old Town - Moukhine AleksandrSunny day at Paris - Moukhine AleksandrAt the sea - Moukhine Aleksandr
Muiznieks Girts

available 1 item
xxx - Muiznieks Girts
Muizule Malda

available 5 items
Land and sea - Muizule Malda Dancing cranes - Muizule Malda Source - Muizule Malda The young man with a bird - Muizule Malda +
Murnieks Laimdots

available 54 items
Holiday - Murnieks LaimdotsAt the evening - Murnieks LaimdotsPortrait - Murnieks LaimdotsDancer - Murnieks Laimdots+
Muzis Roberts

available 3 items
At the lake - Muzis RobertsFlowers in a vase - Muzis RobertsLandscape with herd - Muzis Roberts