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Baklane Ieva

available 2 items
But in Italy blossoming - Baklane IevaMeeting - Baklane Ieva
Baklane Liena

available 1 item
Venice - Baklane Liena
Balode Zane

available 1 item
When you're gone - Balode Zane
Baltgailis Karlis

available 3 items
Flowering apple tree - Baltgailis Karlis Footbridge - Baltgailis Karlis The hay heap - Baltgailis Karlis
Baltmane Emma

available 1 item
Purple asters - Baltmane EmmaSpringtide - Baltmane Emma
Barbarini Emil

available 1 item
Sundays Market  - Barbarini Emil
Barkāns Georgs

available 39 items
Fishermen's villages - Barkāns GeorgsLandscape from bird flight - Barkāns GeorgsLandscape from bird flight  - Barkāns GeorgsLandscape from bird flight  - Barkāns Georgs+
Bauma Dzidra

available 22 items
Summer dahlias - Bauma Dzidra Still life with dahlias and pears - Bauma Dzidra Autumn landscape - Bauma Dzidra Fishing boat - Bauma Dzidra +
Baumane Biruta

available 1 item
The boy's portrait. Ivar - Baumane BirutaStill life - Baumane Biruta
Baumanis Arturs (1892-1975)

available 4 items
Flowers - Baumanis Arturs (1892-1975)Sea - Baumanis Arturs (1892-1975)Before the storm - Baumanis Arturs (1892-1975)Sea - Baumanis Arturs (1892-1975)
Baumann Johan Heinrih

available 1 item
Black grouses - Baumann Johan HeinrihBull'head - Baumann Johan Heinrih
Bayda Valery

available 18 items
Sunday morning - Bayda Valery Pier - Bayda Valery Water lilies - Bayda Valery Yachts - Bayda Valery +
Beitners Rolands

available 2 items
Dance - Beitners RolandsSpring - Beitners Rolands
Belcova Aleksandra

available 16 items
At Starodub - Belcova AleksandraLandscape - Belcova AleksandraHaymaking time - Belcova AleksandraIn cafe - Belcova Aleksandra+
Bernadsky Gennady

available 2 items
After the rain. Paris - Bernadsky Gennady Paris before Christmas - Bernadsky Gennady
Berzins Boriss

available 7 items
Skirt - Berzins BorissGirl with a pear - Berzins BorissSketch - Berzins Boriss - Berzins Boriss+
Berzins Roberts

available 1 item
Work in the countryside - Berzins Roberts
Besson Jules-Gustave

available 1 item
Bessonova Natalia

available 1 item
Picnic - Bessonova Natalia
Bine Jekabs

available 5 items
Harlequin - Bine Jekabs Nude studio - Bine Jekabs Sitter - Bine Jekabs Men's nude - Bine Jekabs +
Birnbaums Stanislavs Janis

available 2 items
Landscape with fortress - Birnbaums Stanislavs JanisHomestead - Birnbaums Stanislavs Janis
Blanchard Antoine

available 2 items
Paris - Blanchard Antoine Boulevard de la Madeleine - Blanchard Antoine
Blazevica Rita

available 1 item
Summer flowers - Blazevica Rita
Bokmanis Janis

available 1 item
Rundale - Bokmanis Janis
Bondare Vera

available 31 item
 Roses - Bondare Vera Port of Riga - Bondare Vera Roofs of Riga - Bondare VeraBouquet with wildflowers - Bondare Vera+
Braslinsh Normunds

available 2 items
Venus - Braslinsh NormundsThree Graces - Braslinsh NormundsThe blue room - Braslinsh Normunds
Bredow Albert

available 1 item
Fortress - Bredow Albert
Brekte Ilona

available 8 items
Still life with flowers - Brekte Ilona Calendula - Brekte Ilona Violet poppies - Brekte Ilona Purple poppies - Brekte Ilona +
Brekte Janis

available 26 items
Old Town Riga - Brekte Janis Old Riga motif - Brekte Janis Street in Old Riga - Brekte Janis Arch in Old Riga - Brekte Janis +
Brekte Kristians

available 1 item
Not good - Brekte Kristians 4eye - Brekte Kristians Girl with apple - Brekte Kristians
Brencens Karlis

available 20 items
Venetian - Brencens Karlis Portrait - Brencens Karlis Act - Brencens Karlis Dame - Brencens Karlis +
Bromults Alfejs

available 27 items
Apple tree in the garden - Bromults Alfejs In the yard - Bromults Alfejs Landscape - Bromults Alfejs Landscape - Bromults Alfejs +
Brunava Madara

available 2 items
Waterfall - Brunava MadaraSun in flowers - Brunava Madara
Bruvere Eda Dite

available 5 items
Still life with plums - Bruvere Eda Dite Still life with umbrella - Bruvere Eda Dite Jurmalciems - Bruvere Eda Dite At countryside yard - Bruvere Eda Dite +
Buchholz Fyodor Fyodorovich

available 1 item
Rome Forum Romanum - Buchholz Fyodor Fyodorovich
Bumanis Arvids

available 1 item
Bunkers.  - Bumanis Arvids
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