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Lagimov Aleksandr

available 1 item
Women portrait in national costume - Lagimov Aleksandr
Laksevics Vladimirs

available 1 item
In the yard - Laksevics Vladimirs
Lapina Dace

available 1 item
Lake - Lapina Dace
Lapins Arturs

available 10 items
Stage painting sketch 10 - Lapins ArtursStage painting sketch 9 - Lapins ArtursStage painting sketch 8 - Lapins ArtursStage painting sketch 7 - Lapins Arturs+
Lapp Roman (LAPP)

available 1 item
South - Lapp Roman (LAPP)
Lapshin Georgy

available 1 item
Lauva Janis

available 2 items
Winter - Lauva JanisTo the work - Lauva JanisHaystacks - Lauva Janis
Lavrentjev Dmitry

available 1 item
xxx - Lavrentjev Dmitry
Lekuze Una

available 14 items
Flowers - Lekuze UnaStill life with blue oranges - Lekuze UnaStill life with pear - Lekuze UnaStill life with candle and fruit - Lekuze Una+
Leontiev Igor

available 35 items
Colorful rain - Leontiev Igor Sensations - Leontiev Igor Life of tree - Leontiev Igor Lake - Leontiev Igor +
Levin Margarita

available 1 item
Canal in Paris - Levin Margarita
Liberts Ludolfs

available 5 items
Lilacs in a vase - Liberts Ludolfs  Miami - Liberts Ludolfs  Montmartre - Liberts Ludolfs  Seine embankment in Paris - Liberts Ludolfs  +
Lielkraste-Leitlande Marga

available 2 items
Rural life - Lielkraste-Leitlande Marga  Landscape - Lielkraste-Leitlande Marga
Liene Liepina

available 18 items
Moon Garden - Liene LiepinaMoon Garden King - Liene LiepinaStrawberry heart - Liene LiepinaCicada - Liene Liepina+
Liepina Griva Gunta

available 5 items
Valencia - Liepina Griva Gunta  The lonely demon - Liepina Griva Gunta  Ole! - Liepina Griva Gunta  Mother's love - Liepina Griva Gunta  +
Liepins J.

available 1 item
Lilies - Liepins J.
Liepins Janis

available 2 items
Still Life with Apples - Liepins Janis Fishermans - Liepins Janis Sail - Liepins Janis
Linga Vilis

available 1 item
Tervete - Linga Vilis Landscape - Linga Vilis
Logina Zenta

available 1 item
Composition - Logina Zenta
Lozovoy Alexander

available 14 items
Samurai at the Kabuki theater - Lozovoy AlexanderBirds large and small - Lozovoy AlexanderNoon in the bamboo alley - Lozovoy AlexanderThe girl with a contrabass - Lozovoy Alexander+
Lucis Edmunds

available 1 item
Girl - Lucis Edmunds
Luse Irena

available 3 items
Mood - Luse Irena Road     - Luse Irena The mobile communication III - Luse Irena
Lutz A.

available 1 item
Lake Alpine mountain - Lutz A.