Bine Jekabs

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Jekabs Bine (1895 11 04 Riga – 1955 24 10 Riga) painter, glass artist, teacher and writer of art critics.

His art education was a Riga’s Art School (1913 – 1915), Art School in Harkow. He graduated Academy of Art in Latvia under guidance of J. R. Tillbergs, figural painting class, with diploma work ‘’Resurrection ‘’ (1926).
Since 1942 – 1944 he was a docent at academy of Art.

Since 1917.
Solo exhibitions: Riga 1937, 1942.
Memorial exhibitions:
Tukums 1969, Koknese, Kuldiga 1978, Riga 1969.
He took part at exhibitions of independent Artist’s Union 1922 – 1928, at Latvian Artists Union exhibitions 1928 – 1938. Bine was a member of artist’s unity “Dardedze”.
Member of Artists Union of Latvia still 1945.
He painted genre painting, portraits, mythology genres; manner of painting was realism with elements of stylization.
Bine worked at monumental painting too, (church paintings at Cesvaine 1924, Jumprava 1926, Vecsaule 1927)
After 2 World war worked mainly in glasswork (museum of Literature and Art A. Upitis, J. Rainis), LSSR government house.
Books – publications at book “Art history” (Baroque and Rococo, paintings at Italy, England).
- Culture fund 1927 – 1928.