Doring Juliuss Johanns

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Döring Juliuss Johanns (1818 31VIII Dresden Germany - 1898 26 IX Latvia) - painter.

1830 - Attending the course at Dresdens Academy of Art.1838 – Study of art to E. Bendemanis.1844 – Traveling to South Germany and North Italy and making the sketches of national costume.1845 – Staying live at Courland, Jelgava. At Jelgava artist worked at the Gymnasium of Jelgava (1865 – 1883) and painted commission portraits. 1852 – Studying of painting at Italy, France and Germany and later an Italy, France (1885.) and Greece and Palestine (1889.).In his paintings he turned big attention to portrait paintings (about 1000) and painted 23 altar paintings. He interested also to archeology and local art history and compiled the materials what was a foundation of Latvian Culture history.