Celmina Inta

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Inta Celmina
Born on January 7, 1946 in Riga

1957-1964 - studied at Janis Rozentals Riga Art High School

1964-1969 - studied at the Department of Pedagogy of the Latvian Academy of Arts

Since 1969 he has been painting with oil on canvas and taking part in exhibitions

1969–1976 - lecturer at Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts

1976-1988 - Senior lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy of the Latvian Academy of Art

1988–2003 - freelance artist

Since 2003 - lecturer in painting, drawing, composition and coloristics at the Computer Design Faculty of the International School of Practical Psychology

Personal exhibitions in Latvia, Sweden, France, USA

He has won awards in Latvian and Baltic painters' shows

1984 - French Salon Silver Medal at the Tradition and Quest in Paris
Inta Celmina is a painter. The artist, whose work first and foremost binds us to the colors of the toned, toned strokes of dark colors, freely composed, drunken and emotionally winding female figures, and - princesses. Yes, the latter may also be related to horses and birds, but it is clear that Inta's works live in a truly accentuated, cultivated world of woman's mind and feelings, and that does not necessarily mean a tiny piece of detail or whimsical giggle. If we talk about the "best friends of girls" (diamonds, of course), then the joy of luxury only rarely appears in a corner of the painting, the more important is the mystery. Permanent presence of the mystery. Perhaps that is what could be called the quintessence of femininity in the works of Inta Celmins. In the intimate itself, there is something from the mistress of the mistress of the mistress, the stubborn wisdom and the witchcraft (which, by its very nature, includes the luster of nettles, the brilliance of precious metals and precious stones), but her "witch cauldron" is a color, a painting substance.