Brencens Eduards

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Eduards Brencens (1885.2.VII - 1929.17.IV)

1902 – 1909 artist learned at Central technical drawing school of Stiglich. At time of 1 World war he fights at different fronts (1914 – 1917) and took part in Latvians freedom struggles, too.
- 1918 – 1921 he was as a teacher at Valmiera, lector, organize the exhibitions organization, founder of unity “Balta varna”.
-  1921 as a teacher at Riga school nr. 38.
Last years of his life he spends at Madona, Cesvaine.
Still 1918
-  Independent artist’s exhibition (1920), where he exhibited paintings (genre paintings, portraits, landscapes and sketches of decorations. At his paintings is a sensitively depicted Latvian peasants live at work and resting. Artist worked as an illustrator at ABC books, learning books, newspapers (“Mernieku laiki” 1913, J. Jancevskis “Dzimtene”, 1925 - A. Deglavs “Vecais pilskungs”)
Brencens was a founder of Latvian professional stage design (still 1913 also in National Theater, National Opera).