Cielavs Janis

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Cielavs Janis (Janis Cielava)

1890 15 VII Riga – 1968 11 XI New York, USA - painter

Cielavs was born at the family of contractor.

1909 – Graduating of Gymnasium of Aleksandra in Riga

1909 – 1911 – Study to law at St. Petersburg University

1911 – 1915 – Study of painting at the Riga City Art School

At the time of 1 World war time he continue the studies at Penza and Tashkent

1922 – 1924 – Worked as a caricaturist at the magazine „HO – HO”,

 „Rugtas Drapes” (1922 – 1923) and was a teacher at Art Academy of Latvia (1940 – 1941)

Cielavs took part at exhibitions since 1920.

1923 – The member of Riga Artists group

 His pictures are exhibited at all exhibitions of Latvian Cultural Found organized exhibitions and at the State representation exhibitions at foreign states (graduating of Cultural Foundation 1931, 1935.

1930 – Solo exhibition in Riga


1944 – Emigration to Germany and than to Austria, where he improved at Art Institute.

1946 – Became a lifelong member of society „Societe Nationale des Beaux – Arts” in Paris. Artist took part at all exhibitions of that organization.

1949 – Live at New York

1957 – Organization of solo exhibition at art salon of R. Kalnins „Francu mākslas centrs”

At the exile time he subsisted from professional painter work.

He painted genre compositions, sights of café, market sights, portraits (representative and commission).

Literature: Siliņš J. Latvijas māksla, Stockholm.