Glaudans Pavils (Pavels)

available 3 items
Landscape - Glaudans Pavils (Pavels)Poetess - Glaudans Pavils (Pavels)Cottage by the river - Glaudans Pavils (Pavels)
Glushenkov Vladimir

available 48 items
Untitled - Glushenkov Vladimir Untitled - Glushenkov Vladimir Orange cloud - Glushenkov Vladimir sleeping - Glushenkov Vladimir +
Goltjakov Albert

available 16 items
Illustration for the book Iron Stream - Goltjakov AlbertArmageddon finale - Goltjakov AlbertKonigsberg shout - Goltjakov AlbertMiniature - Portrait - Goltjakov Albert+
Gorskis Eduards

available 1 item
 Haymaking time - Gorskis Eduards
Grasis Tenis

available 1 item
Stained glass project for Daugavpils Local History Museum - Grasis Tenis
Grasmanis Laimdonis

available 2 items
Old Riga - Grasmanis LaimdonisNude  - Grasmanis Laimdonis
Grimm Sophie Ljubow

available 1 item
Landscape - Grimm Sophie Ljubow
Grinfelde Milda

available 2 items
Autumn landscape - Grinfelde MildaWinter evening - Grinfelde Milda
Grinvalde Elga

available 3 items
Africa - Grinvalde Elga Window - Grinvalde Elga Sky directions - Grinvalde Elga
Grishcenko Anatolij

available 4 items
Torso in blue - Grishcenko Anatolij Torso - Grishcenko Anatolij Chandelier with stained glass - Grishcenko Anatolij "Merkuce" from the series "The Italians" - Grishcenko Anatolij
Grodno Naum

available 1 item
Fishermen's happiness - Grodno Naum
Gross Roland

available 1 item
Holy Place - Gross Roland
Grosvalds Jazeps

available 1 item
Grotus Hugo Karlis

available 4 items
Hay stacks - Grotus Hugo Karlis The lake - Grotus Hugo Karlis Country view - Grotus Hugo Karlis Oak tree by the River - Grotus Hugo Karlis
Grube Edvards

available 5 items
Still life - Grube Edvards Mushrooms - Grube Edvards Bed and violin - Grube Edvards Sunflowers  - Grube Edvards +
Gulbe Erika

available 1 item
Landscape withe road - Gulbe Erika
Gutmanis Andis

available 4 items
Lapmežciems breakwater - Gutmanis AndisLapmežciems breakwater - Gutmanis AndisCarnikava dunes - Gutmanis AndisPavilosta - Gutmanis Andis
Haddon Arthur Trevor

available 2 items
Figures with donkeys, Italy - Haddon Arthur Trevor A good gossip - Haddon Arthur Trevor
Heine Tomas

available 1 item
Heinrihsons Vilnis

available 1 item
Hermanovskis Egils

available 1 item
Meeting - Hermanovskis Egils
Hermanovskis Gunars

available 1 item
Ballerinas - Hermanovskis Gunars
Herve Jules Rene

available 1 item
Le Grand Bassin des Tuileries - Herve Jules Rene
Huns Carl Jacob Wilhelm

available 3 items
In the yard - Huns Carl Jacob Wilhelm A. fon Kotzebue portrait - Huns Carl Jacob Wilhelm Avignon. Le palais les papes. - Huns Carl Jacob Wilhelm Drawing - Huns Carl Jacob Wilhelm
Hvatov Vasily

available 6 items
Sailboat in the night - Hvatov VasilyAusma - Hvatov VasilyFrown / Vysotsky / - Hvatov VasilyCross - as the unity of the world - Hvatov Vasily+
Iltnere Ieva

available 1 item
Fresco - Iltnere Ieva Salute - Iltnere Ieva
Induss Janis Elmars

available 1 item
Landscape - Induss Janis Elmars
Inkatov Sergey

available 5 items
Still life with fruits - Inkatov SergeyOld town - Inkatov SergeyStill life  - Inkatov SergeyGolden sunset - Inkatov Sergey+
Irbe Ingrida

available 26 items
Saint-Louis Bridge - Irbe Ingrida Luxembourg Garden - Irbe Ingrida Tuilerie Garden - Irbe Ingrida Luxembourg Garden - Irbe Ingrida +
Irbe Voldemars

available 1 item
Landscape - Irbe VoldemarsStill life with flowers - Irbe VoldemarsV. Irbe - Irbe Voldemars
Istvan Macsai

available 1 item
Paris roofs - Istvan Macsai
Ivan Chuikov

available 2 items
Window XXIII - Ivan ChuikovФрагмент картины худ. Чуйкова Ив. "Красный контур" - Ivan Chuikov
Ivanicki Stanislav

available 1 item
Rural road - Ivanicki Stanislav
Ivdra Antra

available 7 items
Diptych - Ivdra AntraDance - Ivdra AntraStill life - Ivdra AntraEastern motif - Ivdra Antra+
Jacobsen Roald

available 1 item
Belman - Jacobsen Roald
Janis Avotins

available 2 items
#8 (diptych) - Janis AvotinsSentinel - Janis Avotins
Jansons Ivars

available 1 item
House by the river. - Jansons Ivars
Jansons Ralfs

available 1 item
On the red - Jansons Ralfs
Jaunarajs Olgerts

available 4 items
Autumn flowers - Jaunarajs OlgertsPeonies - Jaunarajs OlgertsComposition 7 - Jaunarajs OlgertsHouses of town - Jaunarajs Olgerts
Jaunsudrabins Janis

available 2 items
Zelma - Jaunsudrabins Janis
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