Breikss Nikolajs

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Nikolajs Breikshs (1911.10.I – 1972.1.VIII)

          He learned at State Technique of Riga, architecture department.
1937 –Latvian academy of Art, landscape Studio of V. Purvitis, with diploma work “The Village at Keisi”.
          He worked as a drawing teacher at Vilaka’s school (1939 – 1040), mathematic and calligraphy teacher at Rezekne’s economical technical school (1940 - 1941), drawing teacher at Rezekne’s 1 beginning school (1941 – 1942) since 1945 teacher at Latvian Art academy, 1952 lecturer, 1971 professor.
-Since 1935. Solo exhibition: 1971, Riga.
Memorial exhibition: – 1986, Riga.
-1942 – 1945- Member of cooperative Visual Arts;
-1944 – Member of Latvian Artist’s Union;
-1959 – 1963 – As a member of Art Fund Art Council and chief;
-1971 – Graduated as a National artist of Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.
          He painted landscapes; still life’s and was one from enthusiastic artist at Latvian art live organization, after 2 World wor.
          His paintings characterized deep realism and good traditions from Belgian painting school.