Baumanis Arturs

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Arturs Baumanis (1867-1904)

Latvian artist - painter, graphic artist, the first academically educated Latvian architect John Friedrich Baumann`s son.

Baumann studied at John Stanislav Rose and from 1882 at Eduard Riconi (City Art Gallery restorer, Italian by origin), then at 1885 he joined the Art Academy of St. Petersburg, where he was immediately transferred to the second course. After a year, he moved to the fourth course. Bauman specialized in historical painting at K. Vening but in 1892 he left studies.

Member of the Artists' Association "Rūķis" .
Artworks were, exhibited at 1889 firstly.

To A. Alksnis Arthur Baumann considered the history of painting Latvian art.
Baumann painted many scenes of Latvian history ("Destiny Horse", "Liv soldier, Creation burns Fallen"), it is characterized by realism, like Baumann drawings. Prior to studying at the Arts Academy of St.Petersburg, he drew persons types (Ormanis ,"Forest thief") after that - romanticized Latvian ancient history ("Soldier farewell") and domestic scenes ("Love scene", "Pubs"). Worked also with watercolors and pastels.