Andersons Edvins

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Edvins Andersons (1929-1996)

1956 – graduating Art Academy of Latvia, department of graphic art (diploma work – „The building of State Farmers' house under the direction of G.Vasco.

Since 1955 he has participated in exhibitions.

Since 1958, a member of the Union of Artists.

He worked in the graphic direction, book design, in watercolor and also in journalism. His work are characterized by contrast, contrast opposites, monumentalism and decorative. One of the most active graphic artist of 50-ties, “which his journalistic aspirations tried to correlate with officially registered requirement of those times, was often in conflict with reality ”(L. Reihmane)

Basically he worked in lithographs technique (the cycle "New Riga", "HPP in .Plavina", "BAM", "Riga").

The artist was a perfect lithography master, although at those times there was a tradition to make copies by master, but E. Anderson made them by himself. In 50-60-ies artist made large figurative compositions, which are printed in in exemplary typography.

The cultural heritage of the artist - recognizable side streets of Old Town of Riga in technique of engraving.