Bernadsky Gennady

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Gennady Bernadsky (1956) - Soviet and Russian artist.

Gennady Bernadsky was born in Simferopol on March 31, 1956, in the Russian and Ukrainian Artists family of Valentin Danilovich Bernadsky and colorist-artist Dragomirova Nina Stepanovna.

After Secondary school he entered to the Art College of Crime, after third course he continued his education at the Repin Institute, at Boris Ugarov workshop and graduated it with honors. Graduated magistracy under the leadership of V.M. Oreshnikov and B.S. Ugarov. As a diploma project, he chose Alexander Green creative work and life, which is closely connected with the Crimea.

He lived, worked, exhibited in Paris and The Hague, for three years. Personal exhibitions took place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Beijing, Shanghai, St. Petersburg. Artist included to the world artists catalogue MAYER "Le livre international des ventes" in 1993 and at the the French artists catalogue of G.SCHURR "Le Guidargus de la peinture" (du XIX-e siecle a nos jours) 1993.

Works are in the state art museum named by Kroshitsky, Sevastopol, in the Methodological Fund of the Scientific Research Museum of the Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Institute of. I. E. Repin and in private collections around the world.