Belzens Jekabs

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Jekabs Belzens (1870 02 X Vladimiras gub. Petersburg, Russia – after 1930)

He was born at cook family. Artist learned at Petersburg’s Art Academy (1890 – 1894) and graduated with 3 step artist degree with painting “The Ghost’s”. He worked as a drawing teacher at different Schools of Petersburg.
1905 – 1917 was a drawing and painting teacher at Stiglitc Central technical drawing teacher.
1919emigrated to Germany and was a worker at publishing office. Is known than at later Years he lived at USA.

Artist took part mainly at Russian Artists Activities (independent Artist’s unity, Petersburg Artist’s unity and member of Russian Aquarellist cooperation) and Exhibitions.
At Latvian’s Artist’s Exhibition’s at Riga (1910), Petersburg (1915)  and Moscow (1916).
Artist worked at genre, portrait and landscape at manner of impressionism, he is a very good colorist. 


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