Krumins Vilis (Vilhelms)

available 1 item
Krychevsky Mykola

available 1 item
View of Paris from Montmartre - Krychevsky Mykola
Kulainis Nikolay

available 10 items
Daugava river near the houses of Pigėni - Kulainis NikolayIn memory of Selia - Kulainis NikolayFar island - Kulainis NikolayAutumn in Sigulda - Kulainis Nikolay+
Kundzins Peteris

available 5 items
Landscape - Kundzins Peteris Church - Kundzins Peteris Landscape with clouds - Kundzins Peteris Landscape with clouds (By the sea) - Kundzins Peteris
Kvitka Kristine

available 29 items
Spring in the forest - Kvitka KristineRed night forest - Kvitka KristineThe colors of the soul - 15 - Kvitka KristineThe colors of the soul - 10 - Kvitka Kristine+
Lagimov Aleksandr

available 1 item
Women portrait in national costume - Lagimov Aleksandr
Laksevics Vladimirs

available 1 item
Lapina Dace

available 1 item
Lake - Lapina Dace
Lapins Arturs

available 10 items
Stage painting sketch 10 - Lapins ArtursStage painting sketch 9 - Lapins ArtursStage painting sketch 8 - Lapins ArtursStage painting sketch 7 - Lapins Arturs+
Lapp Roman (LAPP)

available 2 items
Lonely dreamers. - Lapp Roman (LAPP) South - Lapp Roman (LAPP)
Lapshin Georgy

available 1 item
Lauva Janis

available 4 items
Still life with flowers and apples - Lauva JanisRocky seashore - Lauva JanisWinter - Lauva JanisTo the work - Lauva Janis+
Lavrentjev Dmitry

available 4 items
Butterfly hunting - Lavrentjev Dmitry Bird - Lavrentjev Dmitry Feelings - Lavrentjev Dmitry xxx - Lavrentjev Dmitry
Lazdans Verners

available 5 items
V - Lazdans VernersIV - Lazdans VernersIII - Lazdans VernersII - Lazdans Verners+
Lebedev Anatoly

available 1 item
In the evening.  - Lebedev Anatoly
Lekuze Una

available 9 items
Still life with pear - Lekuze UnaStill life with candle and fruit - Lekuze UnaRoses - Lekuze UnaStill life with flowers and apple - Lekuze Una+
Leontiev Igor

available 34 items
Colorful rain - Leontiev Igor Sensations - Leontiev Igor Life of tree - Leontiev Igor Lake - Leontiev Igor +
Levin Margarita

available 1 item
Canal in Paris - Levin Margarita
Liberts Ludolfs

available 3 items
Lilacs in a vase - Liberts Ludolfs  Seine embankment in Paris - Liberts Ludolfs  Wife's portrait (opera singer - Amanda Liberte-Rebаne) - Liberts Ludolfs
Lielkraste-Leitlande Marga

available 2 items
Rural life - Lielkraste-Leitlande Marga  Landscape - Lielkraste-Leitlande Marga
Liene Liepina

available 8 items
Cicada - Liene LiepinaPlums - Liene LiepinaPink Peony - Liene LiepinaRose - Liene Liepina+
Liepina Griva Gunta

available 5 items
Valencia - Liepina Griva Gunta  The lonely demon - Liepina Griva Gunta  Ole! - Liepina Griva Gunta  Mother's love - Liepina Griva Gunta  +
Liepins J.

available 1 item
Lilies - Liepins J.
Liepins Janis

available 2 items
Still Life with Apples - Liepins Janis Fishermans - Liepins Janis Sail - Liepins Janis
Logina Zenta

available 1 item
Composition - Logina Zenta
Lucis Edmunds

available 1 item
Girl - Lucis Edmunds
Luse Irena

available 3 items
Mood - Luse Irena Road     - Luse Irena The mobile communication III - Luse Irena
M. Dore

available 1 item
Chrysanthemums - M. Dore
Madelain Gustave

available 1 item
Alexander III Bridge and the banks of the Seine - Madelain Gustave
Madernieks Julijs

available 1 item
Art Deco furniture set - Madernieks JulijsCabinet - Madernieks Julijs - Madernieks Julijs
Maikov Igor

available 3 items
Peonies - Maikov Igor Mag - Maikov Igor Winter evening. Church - Maikov Igor
Makarenko Nektarij

available 1 item
Three brothers - Makarenko Nektarij
Maldupe Vija

available 2 items
Courtyard in winter - Maldupe Vija Guardian angel - Maldupe Vija
Malle Charles

available 1 item
Entertainment rue Clisson in Paris - Malle Charles
Malyshev George

available 1 item
Mangolds Herberts

available 48 items
Landscape - Mangolds HerbertsValley - Mangolds HerbertsEvening - Mangolds HerbertsThe coast - Mangolds Herberts+
Marich Gordon Geza

available 1 item
Flowers - Marich Gordon Geza
Markevicha Anita

available 1 item
Winter meeting - Markevicha Anita
Matveevs Georg

available 3 items
Paris. Montmartre - Matveevs Georg Landscape with birches - Matveevs Georg On the breakwater - Matveevs Georg
Maurins Leonids

available 2 items
Old town - Maurins LeonidsSelf-portrait of a painter in an old garden - Maurins Leonids
Mazel Ruvim

available 2 items
Dannenstern House - Mazel RuvimOld Riga - Mazel Ruvim
Mazitis Arnolds

available 1 item
Still life - Mazitis Arnolds
Mednis Janis

available 3 items
House with a red roof - Mednis Janis Bridge (two-sided) - Mednis Janis Tenchs - Mednis Janis
Mednitis Bernards

available 7 items
Still life with a blue coffee pot - Mednitis Bernards Pardaugava - Mednitis Bernards Hills - Mednitis Bernards Lilac - Mednitis Bernards +
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