Megnis Antons

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Antons Megnis (1907. 20. VII Aizpute apr. Alšvangas parish - 1. V 1982, Riga, Meža kapi) - painter.

Born in a peasant family. Wife Irēna Megne – ceramist, daughter Dace Pelše – ceramist, watercolorist.
He received his professional education at the Liepāja School of Fine Arts (1925 - 1930) and the Ar Academy of Latvia (1931 - 1940), graduated from the Decorative Painting Master's Workshop (diploma work "Mourning", also "Mother's lap", directed by J. Kuga).
Worked as a pedagogue in Kuldiga and Riga Applied Arts High School, as an art studio manager in company "Māra", in the monumental design works in the "Māksla" combine.
Has participated in exhibitions since 1933.
Member of the Union of Artists since 1961.
From the middle of the 50s - actively participated in social and artistic life (painting of brigades), the most popular work "Shooting of workers in Riga on January 13, 1905" (together with J. Viļumaini and Ā. Melnārs).
Worked in watercolor technique, also oils. He was one of the most active organizers and participants of watercolorist works. He painted mainly landscapes - heavy, monumentally ambitious, the color layer was thick and contrasting.

Exhibitions: First solo exhibition in Kuldīga in 1962, later exhibitions in Riga, Madona (1965 together with L. Auz, A. Belcova, B. Bauman, T. Grassi, L. Mūrnieku); Riga, Jūrmala (1967, together with R. Bēma, O. Jaunarāja, N. Petraškēvičs, J. Skulme); Latvian SSR, Estonian SSR, Lithuanian SSR 1st watercolor exhibition (1968); In Riga, Kuldīga, Madon (1972, together with I. Megni), Riga (1975, 1978, 1979), Jaunpilis (1976), Liepāja, Kuldīga (1977, together with I. Megni), Ogre (1980) .) etc.
Memorial exhibition in Ikškile (1983), A. Megņa, Ā. Memorial exhibition of Melnārs and J. Viļumainas at LVMM in 1999.
The works are located in: A. Megņas' works are in the Leningrad Art Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the All-Union Art Fund, the Riga Art Museum and the Art Fund, as well as in private collections in Latvia and many foreign countries.