Mangolds Herberts

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Herberts Mangolds (1901-1978)

Graphic, army officer.

In 1920 he graduated from the Artillery Cadet School of Latvian and many military courses.

In 1933 he graduated from the Arts Academy of Latvia, Graphic workshop under the guidance of R. Zarins.

He participated in the exhibition since 1924.

He painted mostly military themes. And also painted landscapes and compositions with oriental motivs in watercolors technique.

He drew sketches for the plates painting to porcelain factorie of Kuznetsova and faience factory.

One of the first drawer of Latvian journeyman army in 1922. He i san author of Viesturs Order sign 1938 (sculptor G. Schtilter). He participated in exhibitions of the Artists` Union of Latvia and Cultural Foundation.

Cavalier of the Order of Three Stars in 1931.

In 1941 he was deported from Liteny to the Soviet Union, where exiled to Norilsk. In 1968 he returned to Riga.