Muzis Roberts

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Roberts Muzis (1944) 

Born in 1944. Professional education – J. Rozentāls Riga Art High School (1955 – 1962), Painting Department of the Art Academy of Latvia (1962 – 1967), graduated under the leadership of prof. E. Kalniņšs. Interned at the St. Petersburg Art Academy (1982).

Worked as an artist at the Riga Trawler fleet base (1965-67), at the Riga glass factory "Sarkandaugava" (1967-68), at the "Sojuztorgreklama" combine (1968-70), as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction of RPI (1974-78). Since 1978, pedagogue in the LMA Department of Painting, assistant professor (1989), dean of applied departments (1987-90), prof. (1992), received a master's degree in 1992.

Participates in exhibitions since 1970. Member of the Artists' Union of Latvia from 1975 and from 1993 member of the association "B – 13" (1993 - 1998). Actively worked on the board of MS (1987-92), Painters section and MF art councils.

He has worked in all genres of painting, mostly in the oil technique. Worked a lot in book graphics, also in press graphics, worked in interior design, monumental painting.

Awarded with the all-Union TSSI bronze medal for the book "P. Stuchka's writings" (1974), with a diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR and a prize for the painting "Distances" (1976).

Has held more than 10 personal exhibitions in Latvia and Germany. He has regularly participated in group exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Sweden, England, Denmark and many other places.

The works are in the properties of the State Art Museum and the Latvian Artists' Union, the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Russian Art Fund, as well as in many private collections in Latvia and abroad.