Melbarzde Elizabete

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Elizabete Melbarzde (b. 1970.18.VII)

Elizabete Melbarzde graduated Riga secondary school of applied arts and Painting department at Art academy of Latvia.

She is a member of Latvian artists` union since 1998.

Artist took part in exhibitions since 1995. Her works was exhibited in Riga, Dubulti (Latvia), Denmark, Brussels (Belgium), Mazheiki (Lithuania) and Strasbourg (France).
Reitern’s House, Riga, 1999;
Gallery “Noktirne”, Riga, 2000;
Gallery of I. Veiherte, Riga, 2001;
Museum of Ventspils, Latvia, 2001;
Gallery “Noktirne”, Riga, 2001;
Gallery “Lita”, Riga, 2002;
Gallery “Noktirne”, Riga, 2002;
Gallery “Lita”, Riga, 2003.