Metuzals Eduards

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Eduards Metuzāls (1889. 10. III Riga – 1978. 13. I Riga) – painter.

He was born at Estonian worker’s family.

-         1908 – 10 – The learning at Riga’s sign – painting school and after graduation stayed as a interior artist.

-         No 1907 – At the B. Borherts painting evening course.

-         He was leader of Marksist society and that was why he gone to the West Europe at 1910. There he worked as a dockhand at the Brussels’s port and as a dyer at Köln, where he started paints commission portraits.

-         Since 1912 he lived at Switzerland and was familiar with Rainis and Aspasija and made them portraits. Also he wrote memories about Rainis and Aspasija.
-         1921 – He returned at Latvia.

-         1922 – He received a scholarship of Cultural Foundation and gone to Italy.

-         Since 1912 he took part at the exhibitions.

-         Since 1914 he exposed his works at Zurich’s „Kunsthaus” exhibitions.

Solo exhibitions:

Riga (1921, 1922, 1925, 1970, 1976), Tallinn (1923), Koknese (1969).

Artist painted Latvian, Switzerland, Capri landscapes, figurative compositions and portraits in watercolor technique. To his artworks is big cultural and historian value. As an artist he was a documental primitivist.


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