Matveevs Georg

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Georgs Matvejevs (1910-1966) - painter and graphic artist, creator of the literary community "Vārdu plaknē".

G.I. Matvejevs, who graduated from the Brussels Royal Academy of Arts in 1937, received a gold medal and a free studio, with the opportunity to supplement his knowledge at the academy for another year. Among the 47 participants, he received the first prize for the painting "My friends are happy" at the exhibition of former Brussels academies students (1938). Upon his return from Belgium, Matveyev organized an exhibition of his works together with Alexei Yupatov. Georgy Matveyev was known not only as an artist, but also as a writer who, in the late 1920s, created the literary fellowship "Vārdu plaknē."

There is only insignificant information about Georg Matveyev's post-war work, although he lived and worked in Latvia.


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