Neberekutin Alexander

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Alexander Neberekutin (1962)

born in Russia in 1962. He studied under the greatest artists of the Russian painting school. Alexander is one of the leading Latvia´s aquarellists. He is a President of the International Aquarellist Association of Latvia (IWS Latvia). Alexander actively participates in the organization of international exhibitions. From the 2016 he is a leader of his country in Fabriano in Watercolour. His paintings are full of extreme aeriality, lightness and reality. The individual style of the painter is easily recognized in all his works and makes them distinctive.
Alexander’s paintings were exposed in different countries of Europe and Asia.
2014 International Exhibition in Turkey
2015-2018 International Exhibitions in Italy
2013 Exhibition in Sweden
2016 Personal exhibition in China
2015, 2018 exhibitions in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and other countries
Alexander Neberekutin is extremely hard-working and prolific painter. He is continuously holding demonstrations and workshops as in Latvia as in other countries, sharing his mastership with the art lovers. Alexander’s best theme is the urban landscape. He travels a lot searching new impressions and subjects. His plain air paintings in different styles – oil, acrylic, water painting worth to be highly valuated and are authentic.
The artist’s paintings actually are in private collections and in museums.