Nemme Otomar

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Otomars Nemme (1901.07.X Latvia - 1947.31.XII Germany)

Aloja born in painter family in 1901, on 7 October - died on 31 December 1947 in Memmingen, Germany - painter.

            From 1911 - 1915 studied at the Art School of Riga at Purvitis, Janis Rozentals and Janis Tillbergs.

            From 1919 - 1920 he is studying at University of Latvia on Faculty of Architecture.

In 1929 he graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia, J. Tillbergs figurative painting workshop with diploma "Last".

            From 1926 - 1932 he worked in Art Academy of Latvia as an assistant.

            From 1932 he begins to teach drawing at the craft school of Riga and art history in the Technical College of Riga.

            Participated in exhibitions since 1914. Independent Artists and Artists' Association "Sadarbs" companion.

            He painted mostly landscapes, still lifes, portraits. Firstly in works seen Impressionist influence, later in Nemmes paintings color and brush strokes become more expansionary. In portraits was given psychological characteristics of image. Drew inventive drawing and caricatures for magazines "Libra," "Ilustrated Magazine", "Bat", "Rest".

In 1944 he emigrated to Germany. He participated in the first exile of Latvian artist exhibitions.


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