Medina Alise

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Alise MEDINA (1984)

Alise Medina was born on May 16, 1984

2007 till present Latvian Academy of Art, Painting Department, first study year Master Degree
2003-2007 Latvian Academy of Art, Painting Department, Bachelor of Arts
1996-2003 Janis Rozentals Art School, field of specialization - painting

2015 "Aspects of the City", the  Classic Art Gallery “ANTONIJA”, Riga
2013 "City monologues", the  Classic Art Gallery “ANTONIJA”, Riga
2012 "Andalusian sun", the Spanish Cultural Center "Seneca", Riga
2012 "Betrachtungen" art space "Seeteufel", Leipzig, Germany
2012 "Spring symptoms", the  Classic Art Gallery “ANTONIJA”, Riga
2012 "Andalusian sun 'Art Cafe'" Sienna ", Riga, Latvia
2011 "Fall in love again ... Riga", gallery "Pegasus", Riga, Latvia
2011 "Fairy tales for adults", gallery "Jacob", Riga, Latvia
2011 "Fairy tales for adults", Jack Maris Museum, Malden, The Netherlands
2010 "meeting in Seville," gallery "Flat", Riga, Latvia
2010 "Naked silence" gallery "Pegasus", Riga, Latvia
2010 "Paintings," a / s Gjensidige Baltic Kuldiga 
2009 "Worlds" gallery "Jekabs", Riga, Latvia
2009 "Worlds", Museum of Liepaja, Liepaja, Latvia
2009 "Summer Breath", "Parex" the bank's insurance subsidiary Kuldiga, Riga, Latvia
2008 "Earth's surface features", gallery "Bonhns.s.", Riga, Latvia
2007 "Experience", gallery "Darta", Riga, Latvia
2006 „Today and then”, St.Peters church, Parnu, Estonia

2008 The exhibition - competition dedicated to Prof.I.Zarins, Latvian Academy of Art, Riga, Latvia
2008 „ID”, galley „1.stavs”, Riga, Latvia
2008 „The pearls of the Hot Age”, gallery „Bonhans”, Riga, Latvia
2008 Latvian Academy of Art Painting Department students’ exhibition, gallery „Laipa”, Valmiera, Latvia
2007 “Autumn 2007”, in the central building of Latvia Post Office, Riga, Latvia
2007 “Silent Pardaugava”, „SIA Forburga” exhibition - competition, Latvian Academy of Art, Riga, Latvia
2007 Art Symposium “Marina 2007”, museum of Liepaja, Liepaja, Latvia
2007 “Tam-ta-ram”, ”Glen Latvia „ traveling exhibition, m/c “Origo”, Riga, Latvia
2007 The exhibition- competition dedicated to Prof.I.Zarins, gallery „Bastejs”, Riga, Latvia
2007 „To Anna from the Heart”, gallery „1.stavs”, Riga, Latvia
2006 drawings exhibition „ Mistake with finger”, Jurmala museum, Jurmala, Latvia
2006 „Still life”, gallery „Mc2”, Riga, Latvia
2006 “Painting on wood”, gallery “Bastejs”, Riga, Latvia
2005 Painting department students exhibition, gallery „Laipa”, Valmiera, Latvia
2005 Exhibition devoted to 41st Baltic Esperanto days, Riga, Latvia
2005 Painting department, students exhibition, "ReNew", Riga, Latvia
2004 Group exhibition, "Absolute things” ,gallery „ Mc2”, Riga, Latvia

2007 „Alberta foundation” grant
2007 The winner of Art Symposium “Marina 2007”