Muzikants Uldis

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1961 Riga, Latvia


“Perfection is reached then, whenever is not taken something ceases to be away”


1985 – Graduating the Technical University of Riga, the Faculty of architecture

Since 1970 – experience of photography

1995 – Beginning of professional carrier

1977, 1999 – graduation the studio of G, Binde and Z. Bilzonis

The member of Photo Artist Union of Latvia and Photo club “Riga”

Solo exhibitions:

2002 – “The Step”, at Riga’s Council, Latvia

2002 – “The Step” at Photo Club “Riga”

2003 – “The Step” At the exhibition hall of Madona’s Museum

2005 – “The meadow blooms” Liezere, Latvia (26 photo, A3)

2005 – “The meadow blooms”, gallery “Maja”, Liepaja, Latvia (A5 and 127X187)

2005 - “Pudniku skola” (60 photo, what character the school of ancient Latvian pottery)

2005 – Exhibition of photography from Aizpute’s photo session

2005 – The black and white photo portraits exhibition at club “Depo”, Riga, Latvia

2006 – “Pudniku skola” at craft center in Livani (photo story about Latvian pottery)

Group exhibitions:

1997 – Participant at the photo club “Riga” members exhibitions

1999 – Rujienas Museum, Latvia

2002 – Valmiera’s Museum, Latvia

2005 – Exhibition “Photo of Year” gallery “Art Garden”, Latvia

2005 – “The nice face” at gallery “Carousel”, Riga, Latvia

U. Muzikants publicizes at the journal’s “Amatnieks”, “Masa”, “Agrotops”, “Majas un darzs”, “Objekts”, “Sievietes pasaule” and “Darza pasaule”

He was a photograph at national scrapbook “Masters” and author to “Blooms calendar” at 2004, 2005, 2006; “How to wear the national costume” and author to scrapbook “The Baltic States”


2002 – Publishers “MG Tops” 5 nominations

2003 – The big prize of Latvian Folk about photo to art album “Masters”

2005 – 2nd place and consolation prize at exhibition “The photo of Year 2004” at gallery “Art Garden”