Mickevicha Valeria

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Valeria Mickiewicz (1921-2008)

Beginning of the 60s. In connection with the harsh era of that time in Mickiewicz works were changing - searching for the increased expression of romantic excitement, pathos and tendencies of lyrical narrative. In Mickiewicz plastic observed rationally metric, simplified and faceted shape ("To the starry distance", 1963; "Lachplesis and Laimdota", 1965; "Space", 1969). In the 70s Mickiewicz continued to work with simplified forms (fireclay - round metal - faceted), but the material is not aestheticized. The artist created a generalized images, which are characterized by severe, even harsh emotional tone ( "Mother and Child", 1971; "The gymnast with a ball", 1978; "The Three Sisters", 1976; "The People's father," 1985).

Exhibitions in Riga (1978, 1981), Kaunas (1989, together with V. Titāne and J. Sīmane). She has participated in group exhibition “Eight sculptors” (1957, 1963, 1972). The works were exhibited abroad (in Germany in 1964, Hungary, Poland, 1970). 1

1 - L. Šmite E. Mērķtiecība // Lit. Un Māksla, 1981, 4.XII. L. Bremša