Briede Aleksandra

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Aleksandra Briede (1901-1992)

Aleksandra Briede (born Kalnina until 1945.) (1901. Liepaja - 1992. Riga)

             Graduated the Liepaja Gymnasium in 1922. From 1923th till 1931st studied at the Latvian Academy of Art Sculpture workshop by sculptor B.Dzenis and K.Roncevskis. In 1934th graduated also the pedagogy courses.

             Exhibitions since the 1929th year (up to the 1945th year as Kalnina).

             Artists' Union, a member of the 1944th year.

             Awarded with the Order of Lenin in the 1956th year.

             USSR Academy member of the 1958th year.

             SSR State Prize in 1970th year.

             USSR People's Artist of the 1972nd year.

             Works in sculpture, focusing on portraits and figural compositions, as well as addressing the memorial and decorative sculptures. Worked with both porcelain, granite, bronze and other materials.

Had several solo exhibitions in Riga, Moscow, Berlin.

Issued 3 books about Aleksandra Briede (2 Latvian, 1 Russian):

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G. Karklina "Aleksandra Briede" - R.:" Leisma ", 1971, lpp.72


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