Duburs Arturs

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Arturs Duburs (1899-1973)

(Until 1940, Arthurs Drekslers ;. 1899.5.III Valmieras` area, Pociema - 1973.14.V Riga) - graphic artist.

He was born in a carpenter's family. In 1915, after graduation of City School of Limbazhi he went to Revel. First drawing skills received at Estonian artist A. Laikma. From 1916-18 he studied at the Stieglitz Central School of Technical Drawing in St. Petersburg. In 1929 he graduated from the Arts Academy of Latvia, graphic studio by R. Zarins; diploma work- "On the metallurgical plant" in lithography technique. He worked as an art teacher in the schools of Riga (1923-45), as an artist of Commercial and industrial chamber of the USSR in the Latvian Department (1948-1959) and freelance artists at combine "Art" (1949-53). He participated in exhibitions since 1930; solo exhibitions in Riga (1943), a memorial exhibition in Riga (1979), a member of the Artists` Union since 1945.

One of the most faithful and precise creative and pedagogical principles followers of R. Zarina, throughout his creative and pedagogical activities. Strong realist. He has worked in all the traditional techniques of engraving, made a significant contribution in the gravure printing by developing precise, perfect drawing and achieving rich tonal effects in multilayer etching. Mostly worked in the genre of landscape, and depicted the Latvian nature, human labor, history of culture and the urban environment documented accurately. In the 60s intensively focused on linocut. He has made a significant contribution to the Latvian applied graphics development. for a period of 35 years he developed about 1500 drawings of package for a variety of industrial products, labels, advertising, making bookmarks, and diplomas for a number of outstanding individuals. He also worked in book graphics, was drawing illustrations for press publications. In 1924, together with J. Rumpanu and A. Vinegi wrote the book for the elementary school "Drawing Methods". It was published by the publishing house "Valters un Rapa" (1926) with pictures of A. Duburs.

His works has repeatedly won awards at various competitions.

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