Sunins Zannis

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Zanis Sunins (1904-1993)

Born in the family of a carpenter,woodworker. Cousin Karlis Sunins – painter. Studied at the courses of the Talsa Public University, his first teacher was Karlis Sprunks. Graduated from LMA G. Elias Figurative Painting Workshop (1931) with diploma thesis "Idille" ("Idyl of the Artist's Family"). At LMA, his teacher was mainly J.F. Tillberg. Participates in exhibitions since 1925. Participates in the exhibitions of the association "Radigars" (1929 - 35)., worked in the Society of Latvian Visual Artists (1936 - 39), in the association of artists "Rosme" (1939). Member of the Union of Artists from 1945.

Personal exhibitions: Talsos, Riga (1973, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1989), Ventspils (1974, 1979), Valdemārpils (1977 permanent exhibition; 1986), Kuldīga (1980) etc.

During his studies in Riga, he was a decorator, worked in business graphics, advertising, etc. He worked as a decorator, designer, lectured on art, managed an art studio in Talsi. He gained popularity with the painting "Death of Colonel Kalpak" (1934). He painted figurative compositions and landscapes, lyrical domestic motifs, as well as portraits. At the beginning of the work, the influence of pedagogue J.R. Tillberg can be felt, in the late 1930s he developed a freer application of the brush and a softer form of painting. Since the 60s, he has painted landscapes of Talsi surroundings in oil and watercolor techniques.

He also worked in monumental painting: he made six paintings in the Valgale parish house, depicting scenes of the people's life (1934), he painted the altarpiece "Christ Heals the Sick" (1939) for the church in Talsi. Awarded the KF prize for the painting "Little Writer" (also "Early Writing", 1938).

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