Strazdins Jekabs

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(1905 13 III Latvia – 1958 21 III Riga, Latvia)

Painter, art teacher and art critic.
Education:      Art Academy of Latvia Figurativ master class under guidance of G. Eliass With diploma work “Pasture”. Strazdins learned also at Decorative Painting master class (1929 – 1932).

             He was at Italy, because his aim was study the old masters (1933). Strazdins was a member of artist unity “Radigars” (1930, expelled 1934), member of “Zala varna” (1935).

              Member of Artist Union (1944 – 1949, restored 1956)

Strazdins took part at Exhibitions since 1929.

         Solo Exhibitions:

Riga (in open air with Z. Ventaskrasts), Ventspils, Liepaja (1934).

Artist took part at exhibitions of Cultural Foundation since 1935 and group exhibitions (1940 – 1948, all in Riga)

He was a participant at Cesu region art exhibitions since 1956.

1935 Strazdins took part at the competition of Roma’s stipend.

          Memory exhibitions:

Riga (1965, 1975, 1985).

              Artist worked as a drawing teacher at Riga’s city 1 gymnasium (1937 – 1944) and as a teacher at Art Academy of Latvia and Latvian University (1944 – 1949). He was award with LSSR APP honor prize (1949) and was a political repressed and deported to Bratska (RFSR 1949).

               He returned at Latvia at 1954.

Strazdins was one from bright painter of genre painting in Latvia based his art in 20 century art traditions. He influenced from T. Uder’s depicting of people. Artist painted in oil and drew with coal the compositions devoted to field work thematic (“Work”, “Pasture” etc.)

                Artist publishes a writings about art and art history at magazines.

He emphasized the importance of matter at art and was critical to modernism formalism.