Strals Aleksandrs

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Aleksandrs Strals (1879.12.VI Riga apr. Stukmani parish - 1947.7.X), painter.
He was born in the family of a Daugava raftsman. Brother Karlis Strals was a writer.

Studied at Blum Art School in Riga (1899-02), 1902. for a short time at the school of the Imperial Art Promotion Society in St. Petersburg.

Worked in the Independent Artists Unit (from 1922).

Won the Culture Fund prize for the painting "Daugava in early spring" (1936).

Participated in exhibitions since 1901.
Personal exhibitions in Riga (1909, together with A. Tigin), Riga and Madona (1929), Jēkabpils, Pļaviņas and Daugavpils (1930, together with A. Tigins), Rēzekne (1931), Pļaviņas and Koknes (1943). Memorial exhibitions in Riga and Madona (1964), Koknese (1968, 1979), Valmiera (1987), Riga (1980).
Participated in the exhibition of the Society of Baltic Traveling Exhibitions (1902), the exhibition of Baltic artists' works (1905), the exhibition of Latvian artists (1912, 1913), the Retrospective art exhibition (1919), the Latvian 10th anniversary art exhibition (1928), all in Riga, 1. Arts at the exhibition in Koknes (1904, one of the organized ones), Tukum (1905), Latvian art exhibitions abroad (from 1934), exhibitions of the Independent Artists Association.

In painting, he focused mainly on landscape and domestic genre paintings in the spirit of realistic impressionism. Studied the influence of atmosphere and light effects in painting. Lyrical, sad nature landscapes with a stafage. Raftmen, log carriers, craftsmen in their usual environment, the harsh but harmonious nature of the middle of Latvia are the main sources of A. Štral's creativity.