Ramuss Miсhail

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Mihails Ramuss (Artist was born at Far East in 1955, near Japanese sea - 2010)

Mihails Ramuss graduated 2nd secondary school of Liepaja (1972), School of applied arts in Liepaja (1981) and he studied art and architecture in India, state of West Bengali (1996).
He is traveling in India a lot (1996 – 2001), artist has interested also in literature and history.
M. Ramuss takes part in exhibitions since 1979.
At the artist’s paintings are many ornaments, what give evidence about similarity in Indian and Latvian ethnography. The time of 90th, what artist and his wife spend at India (living near the places, where lived Nicolas Roerich) was favorable to approaching to Hare Krishna movement. In this time both are searched parallelism between India and Latvia – the common Indo-European prehistory approved relative ness of Latvian, Lithuanian and Sanskrit languages (at Latvian ornament and Lielvarde’s belt. The paintings speak with color (deep red, blue, green and black), graphic element’s, since and symbols, what give energy. Artist creates fragile movement of spirit on canvas.
There was published book of his poems “White island in Milk Ocean” in 1996, and another, called “Southwest”, in 1998.
Solo exhibitions:
1979. - “Painting and graphic art” at Liepaja, Peter’s house (together with A. Zarina);
1985. - “Motive of India” Riga, Architecture house (together with A. Zarina);
1988. - “Painting” Riga, at Young Artist house, “Jāņa sēta”;
1993. - “Under the red sun” Riga, at hotel “Hotel de Rome”;
1994. - “It seems to be a dream” Riga, gallery “M6”;
1994. - “The Temple of my secret contemplation” Riga, Museum of G. Skilters;
1995. - “Speeding up of the free falling” Riga, gallery „Bastejs”;
             “Painting” at Art and History museum of Talsi;
1996. - “Painting exhibition” Riga, house of Reitern;
2000. - “The letters from Bengali” Riga, gallery “Parvati”;
2002. - “The last summer in Eden” Riga, gallery “Parvati”;
2006. – Exhibition at the Liepajas Museum’s branch office.
Group exhibition:
1979. - The Liepajas Young Artist exhibition;
1980. - The Liepajas Young Artists exhibition;
             The Liepajas Young graphic artist exhibition;
1981. - The Liepajas Young artist exhibition;
             The International biennial “Drawing of the world – 81” Great Britain;
1984. - “The Indian’s theme in Latvian Art” Riga, Scientist house;
1985. - “The motive of India” Riga, Artist house (together with A. Zarina);
1989. - “Latvian Contemporaries Art” Riga, Fashion house (benefaction house);
             “Religion and Art, Scientist house, Riga;”
           His works are sales in Switzerland, gallery “Keller Zurich”;
1990. - Exhibition and selling three works USA, Chicago, gallery „Astra”;
             Group exhibition “Svobodnoje iskusstvo”, Riga;
1991. - Group exhibition “Svobodnoje iskusstvo “, Riga, Germany;
1993. – Group exhibition in Sweden (Stockholm), Germany (Bonn), France, Denmark;
             Groups “Svobodnoje iskusstvo” exhibition in Riga;
             Gallery “Vera”, Riga;
             At the cinema “Riga”.
1994. - “Free Art” Germany, representation - Sophia Press Gurvitz;
             Gallery “Krasts” jubilees exhibition “Hotel de Rome”, Riga;
              Riga, gallery “Roll- art”
              “White painting” competition exhibition “Asūna”, Riga;
             Group exhibition “Svobodnoje iskusstvo” gallery “Roll art”, Riga;
              Riga, gallery “Art-modern”;
              Exhibition of gallery “Splendid Palace” in airport “Riga”
1995. - Artists from Talsi - “Krūmu grupas” painting exhibition in gallery “M6”, Riga;
            The artists from Talsi, in Talsu art and History museum;
             “The sun” competition exhibition gallery “Asūna”, Riga;
             The painters group exhibition in Tukums;
             “Exhibition of Surrealism” at Russian Cultural foundation hall;
1996. - Riga, “Hotel de Rome”;
            The Talsu artist’s group exhibition in Art Days, Riga;
             “Courland’s artists” - exhibition Saldus;
             Geo-ģeo  4. Contemporaries Art exhibition Pedvale, region of Talsi;
2002. - Talsu artist’s group exhibition in Art Days, Talsi;
             Talsu artist’s group exhibition Estonia, Saarema;
2005. – “The Liepaja’s autumn”, Liepaja;
2005. – The painters from Courland, Sabile, Latvia;
2005. – “Autumn”, Riga.
 1996. - The Publisher of first poet book „The white ice in the milk ocean”;
1998. - The Publisher of second poet book „The Southwest”;
2002. - The Publisher of the third poet book „The last summer in Eden”.

 His works was exhibited in group shows in Liepaja, Riga, Talsi, Tukums, Saldus, UK, Switzerland, Chicago (USA), Germany, Stockholm (Sweden), France, Denmark, Estonia.
Artist had about twelve self-exhibitions in Liepaja, Riga and Talsi.