Krumins Vilis (Vilhelms)

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Vilis (Vilhelms) Krumins (1891.15.VIII - 1959.15.XII) 

Artist studied at German craft school (1907-1912) and private to B. Borherts (1912-1914), at the Riga’s Art school (1914-1915). He graduated the figurative painting studio at the Latvian Art Academy under guidance J. R Tilbergs with diploma work “At the lithography workshop”. Krumins worked at school as a drawing, art history at the Riga’s schools.

He took part at the exhibitions since 1919 (the Latvian retrospective Art exhibition in Riga).  Krumins was a member of Independent Artist’s Unity (1919 – 1928).

Since 1944, he immigrated to Germany and was as a drawing teacher at the Baltic University Pinneberga (1946-1949), achieved Art Studio. Since 1951 artist lived at the New York, USA was a member of New York Latvian Artist’s unity member.

Krumins took part at his art in poster and worked in applied graphics art, made exlibris,

Sketches to stamps and diploma’s.

Artist made landscapes at lithography, figurative compositions and coat of Latvian republic (affirmed at1921 09 06, renew 1990 15 02)

At 1926, he was award with 1 prize at the poster competition of song and music festival.

1957- ALA KF prize for drawing cycle “Latvian Mythology”.

He awarded with honor prize at Canadian’s Latvian songfest in Toronto (the better fest’s program cover and badge) and 1957 of better poster, program and badge at the New York’s Latvian songfest competition.


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