Kasparsons Reinholds

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Reinhold Kasparsons (born 13/9/1889 in Cēsis, died 14/1966 in Riga), painter.

Born in a craftsman's family. Studied at Nītaure school, around 1909. moved to Riga to study the violin, but started visiting the studios of J. Madernieks, later J.R. Tillbergs, and in 1921 entered the Art Academy of Latvia (completed the Master Workshop of Figurative Painting in 1928 with a diploma work called "Country Works", directed by J.R. Tillbergs). Worked as a surveyor, participated in World War I, also in the Latvia's freedom battles. After World War II, he worked at the combine "Māksla".

Participated in exhibitions since 1920. (in the so-called "bombists" exhibition)
He regularly took part in the exhibitions of the Independent Artists' Unit (1923–1927), later - the Latvian Artists' Association (from 1928, one of its founders).
Member of the Union of Artists from 1945.

In painting, he focused mainly on the genre of landscape and portrait in the manner of realism.
He also worked a lot in the field of applied graphics (magazines "Līdums", "Atpūta" and elsewhere), made sketches for flags, diplomas, tokens, porcelain products.

He has been making violins since he was 14 years old and later collected vintage and antique items.