Inkatov Sergey

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Sergey Inkatov

Was born:
13.09.1971 in Baku.

Painter Sergey Inkatov belongs to young generation of artists of Estonia.
He was born in Baku, art formation has received at the Tver academic art school Venetsianov.
Nowdays lives and works in Tallin, actively participates in a creative life, does not pass any exhibition of Association of Russian artists of Estonia which member is. The sensation of pleasure of the life, proceeding from pictures of the artist, covers the spectator already during the first moment at a kind of the kinds of the ancient cities penetrated by air of the sea of landscapes filled in by the sun, still-lifes, abstract canvases.


Figurative and daring artistic manner — that is what generates powerful and thoughtful works of S. Inkatov. Depicted subjects, as well as his painting in whole, are always tangible, no matter how many dimensions they present. The works of S. Inkatov reflect a unique approach to a coloristic and formal design of a painting

 Member of Russian  Artists Union. 


1987-Entered art vocational school in Baku to study painting.
1989-Left Baku for Russia where continued this education in Tver High artistic school of Venitsianov.

Exhibitions and collections: 

1990,1991,1992-Exhibitions in the town gallery. Tver. Russia.
1992-Successful presintatsion of diploma work and recived Certificate of Tver high artistic school after Venitsianov on class of painting.
1992-1994-Lived and worked in Moscow, collaborated with Moscow galleries.
1994-Left for Tallinn, Estonia.
1995-Participated in international exhibition in Dusseldorf. Germany.
2000-Groupexhibition “Still-life 2000” in Tallinn business centre. Estonia.
2001-group exhibition of estonian artists in the Residence of the Ambassador of the UK. Tabasalu. Estonia.
2001-Group exhibition in the Russian Drama Theatre gallery. Tallinn. Estonia.
2002-Exhibition “ Russian artists Union” in Kohtla-Jarve. Estonia.
2002-Exhibition “For womens”, Russian drama Theatre gallery, Tallinn. Estonia.
2002-Personal exhibition, Russian Drama Theatre gallery. Tallinn. Estonia.
2002-Exhibition “Russian artists Union” in the Embassy of Russia.
2002-Group exhibition of estonian artists in the Residence of the Ambassador of the UK. Tabasalu. Estonia.
2002-Exhibition “Flowers 2002”,Gallery de Passage, Tallinn, Estonia.
2002- Personal exhibition “Obu” gallery, Tartu, Estonia.

2002-Group exhibition of estonian artists in the Russian Drama Theatre gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.
2002-Art action in the Residence of Ambassador of the UK. Tabasalu. Estonia.
2003-Personal exhibition “G” gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.
2003-Exhibition “A-4” in the Russian Drama Theatre gallery.
2003-Exhibition “Womens portrait”, Russian drama Theatre gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.
2003-Group exhibition in the Residence of the Ambassador of the UK. Tabasalu. Estonia.
2003-Personal exhibition. Portland, USA.
2003-Group exhibition “Russian Artists Union”, Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia.
2003-Personal exhibition gallery” La Galerii Passage”,Tallinn. Estonia.
2003-Group exhibition armenian artists. Mustapeademaja. Tallinn. Estonia.
2004-Group exhibition ”Russian artists Union”. Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia
2004-Group exhibition in the gallery Embassy of RF.
2004-Personal exhibition. Art-link gallery. Tallinn. Estonia.
2005-Personal exhibition. Portland. USA.
2005-Group exhibition. Bindes Center. Tallinn.
2005-Group exhibition. Atrium gallery. Tallinn. Estonia.
2005- Landscape 2005. Bindes center. Tallinn. Estonia.
2006-Personal Exhibition. Hammond gallery. Tallinn. Estonia.
2006-Exhibition Russian Artist`s Union. Tallinn. Estonia.
2006-Personal Exhibition. PARADOJA gallery. Madrid. Ispania.
2006-Still-life 2006.Bindes center. Tallinn .Estonia.
2006-“The Chalise of Peace”. Riga. Latvia.
2005-2006 Real Time. Online Global Art Annual. Diploma of excellence.
2006-“The Chalise of Peace”.Helsinki. Finland
2007-Personal exhibition. Gallery-G. Tallinn. Estonia
2008- gallery "Akmens zenklai (Stone signs)", Vilnius, Lithuania.
2008- gallery Torcil, Barcelona, Spain.

Collaborated with well-known estonian galleries in Tallinn , Tartu, and with international galleries in the USA , England, Spane, participated in the exhibitions in Internet galleries. At present  he is working succesfully. Finding inspiration for his creation in surrounding world and his family. Most part of his works is in private collections all over the word.