Egle Arvids

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Arvids Egle (1905.3.IV – 1977.20.XI)

In 1932 Arvids Egle graduated Landscape Studio of V. Purvitis in Latvia Art academy.

He worked as a teacher of drawing in Rezekne (1934 – 41), as a lecturer in teachers’ institute of Rezekne (1941 – 44). Artist was a pedagogue of Painting department in Latvia Art academy (1945 – 50), deputy head and head of Drawing department (1950 – 66), associate professor and professor (since 1966).

A. Egle took part in creating and working of Rezekne Artist group (1934 – 44). He was a member of Artists Union (since 1945). Artist was rich of merits employee of art in Latvia Republic of Soviet Union (1965).

He got the second place in scholarship competition of Roma foundation (1935).

A. Egle took part in exhibitions since 1933.
Personal and memorial exhibitions were in Rezekne (1932, 1976, 1977), Daugavpils (1978), Riga (1980, 1985).