Vindedzis Gunars

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Gunārs Vīndedzis (1918 - 1991) - cartoonist, illustrator.

Born in a family of workers. In 1933 he graduated from Riga 15th Primary School, studied with R. Suta

From 1936 - 38 he studied with A. Filkas and A. Sauer.

In 1931 he wrote and published the book "Sale of Death" (pseudonym Abe Albërs).

1937 - 39 drew commercials for industrial companies, imitating the style of K. Padeg and S. Vidberg.

He published the first illustrations in the magazine "Atpūta" (1940.20.XII-1944.21.II).

During World War 2, he worked as a draftsman in an art ensemble, giving performances to German soldiers and Russian prisoners of war.

1940 - 49 was a draftsman in the Fine Arts Cooperative, 1945-46 - State Publishing and Printing Company Administration, 1951-56 - "Childhood"; 1946-51 - designed interiors.

Arrested in 1957 for political and erotic drawings drawn for himself and confidential clients.

1964-67 artist designer in the Chemical Designers Office, head of this office.

He turned to caricature from 1944. Since 1957, freelance author of "Dadzis" magazine, specialized in political and domestic caricatures. Published in periodicals "Cîņa", "Zvaigzne", "Draugs", "Liesma", "School and Family".

Illustrated books. He painted portraits and female nudes in pastel and oil techniques. Artist for puppet films.

First exhibition in Riga in 1943. Participates in cartoon exhibitions from 1951.