Tillbergs Janis Roberts

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Jаnis Roberts Tillbergs 

(1880.2.VII – 1972.7.XI)

Jаnis Roberts Tillbergs graduated D. Kardovski studio of St Petersburg Academy of art (1909, diploma work “Funeral” (since 1910 this work calls “Pieta”)). He improved in G. E. Blansh studio in Paris (1906).

Artist took part in exhibitions since 1904. His works were exhibited in Paris, Kaunas, Stockholm, Oslo, Brussels, Copenhagen and London.
Self-exhibitions were organized in Riga (1934, 1960, 1971), Tallinn (1961) and Moscow (1974). Memorial exhibitions were in Riga (1980), Kiev (1982).

Tillbergs was a member of different artists’ societies and organizations. He was a member of Latvian artists union since 1946.

Artist worked as a teacher in Riga city school of art (1911 – 1915), Latvian school in Vitebsk, School of art in Vitebsk (1918 – 19).
In 1920 he returned to Latvia and worked in Latvia Art academy as a head of figurative painting studio and became a professor (1921 – 32). He had a private studio (1932 – 40, 1941 – 44). Tillbergs was a head of Art studio in Architecture faculty of University of Latvia (1940 – 41). He also was a teacher of J. Rozentals School of art in Riga (1946 – 48), head of Latvia Art academy Portrait studio (1947 – 57, professor since 1948) and head of Painting and composition department (1952 – 53).

Most of all Tillbergs painted portraits, but he also had landscapes, figurative compositions, still life. He also worked in press graphic, made posters, worked with prints, in graphic design, sculpture etc.

Artist had significant figure of different awards.