Taya Bell

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Taya Bell (born 1974 in Semey, Kazakhstan) was educated in Almaty until 2000, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Arts, as well as degrees in Pedagogy and Foreign Language. From 2010 to 2011,  Bell studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, then continued her education at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (2013-2016), graduating with a diploma in Fine Arts, specialising in drawing and painting. Taya describes these years as "four fantastic years of drawing, composition, painting, lots of gelato and endless visits to Florence museums filled with the works of Europe's greatest artists." After years of living in Kazakhstan, Africa and Italy, Taya and her husband have now chosen Riga, Latvia as their home.

Bella's work is influenced by Dutch, Russian and Italian masters. Her work is also permeated by her passion for the genius Marc Chagall. Her paintings depict Jewish and Christian traditions, as well as the everyday life of a woman, mother, wife, teacher and artist. She says: "I enjoy painting scenes of people's lives. Sometimes they are in search of balance, some of them spend their time working, some dreaming, and others striving to find something greater and deeper. Others are in search of a divine connection invisible to the eye. My canvases feature children, men and women, families and dreamers with whom we can connect directly through symbols. I like to use symbols, some of which are clear to read and some of which hide deeper values. I hope that these images will allow you to experience a journey as well as moments of meditation and joy." Bell's artworks have been exhibited at the Fuji Gallery in Italy.

The painter Madara Lazdiņa says of Taya Bell: "Taya is characterised by a special sensitivity and subtlety. It is part of her personality and soul, which is reflected in her paintings in the subtle tonality and love of detail. Her work speaks of the joy and happiness of living truly. In her work you can find true sadness, true longing and resounding laughter, the warmth of home and the hope of a loving heart."